Annoying neighbor burning garbage

We live in a quiet village in the Chalong area. Unfortunately there is a gentleman who does not live in the village but who owns land next to us and uses it almost every day as a place for burning household rubbish. Sometimes this causes thick smoke to come across to our house. Sometimes we get terrible pungent smells, and the fires smolder for most of the day. The smells and smoke are so bad that some days we cannot open our doors or windows and we have to keep the house closed with the air conditioning on. We have asked the security guards if they can do something but as the person making the fire does not actually live in the village and because he is a very large, irascible man who bellows at everyone, the guards seem scared to do anything. Please can somebody tell us whether it is legal to burn household rubbish? If not, what is our correct course of action?

Choking in Chalong.

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There is a paragraph in the Public Health Act that cover actions bothering other people. If what you do, even on your own property, bothers other people, then you are contravening the act. You can file a complaint with our officers at OrBorTor Chalong or call us at 076-383776. We will send out an officer and a lawyer to check if what you say is true. If we find that it is, the offender will be fined 500 baht.

Dechakanee Leelanon, Chief Administrative Officer, OrBorTor Chalong,

Answered on February 20, 2004.
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