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I live with my family near Rung Arun Karaoke, opposite Soi Thanuthep, on Chao Fa East Rd. The karaoke stays open every night until 1:30 am or 2 am. It is just a wooden hut, so the loud music is generously distributed throughout the whole neighborhood.

My kids go to school early in the morning and deserve their sleep, as do the elderly and the sick people who live nearby.

I can’t understand how the karaoke, being 800 meters from Chalong Police Station, is allowed to be so noisy and allowed to operate so late. Aren’t there regulations about noisy businesses operating in residential neighborhoods, such as the obligation to sound-proof their premises so as not to interfere with the neighbors’ sleep and respecting closing times?

Sleepless in Chalong.

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Before issuing permits to entertainment venues, the provincial authority must inspect entertainment venues to verify whether or not they comply with entertainment venue regulations.

If the venue disturbs people in the neighborhood, people can file a complaint with the police. However, the complaint must be filed in person. You are welcome to join us when we investigate your complaint.

Thank you for informing us. We always keep an ear out for noisy venues that disturb other people. If we find that the noise is too loud, we will notify the entertainment venue owner that he or she must decrease the level of noise being created or improve the building so that the noise is contained.

If the owner does not comply, he or she will be fined up to 1,000 baht per offence.

Pol Col Chalit Kaewyarat, Superintendent, Chalong Police Station.

Answered on January 16, 2007.
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By law, the noise should not be louder than 90 decibels for more than eight continual hours. But it’s quite difficult to measure how disturbing noise is, because noise affects different kinds of people in different ways. For example, a house where patients, old people or children live might not be able to bear loud noise for long periods of time.

If the noise is very disturbing, people can file a complaint at the local administration office or at the local police station, and the officers will then instruct the entertainment venue to make improvements, such as improving the sound insulation.

The local officers might have a public hearing for people in the area and then send the entertainment venue a notice to reduce the noise created. If the venue does not comply the police can fine the venue, and possibly have the venue ordered closed, but it might take time for police to do that.

Wanlapa Jeenloy, an officer at the Phuket Provincial Public Health Office.

Answered on January 16, 2007.
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