Are sidecars legal?

I have a motorbike with sidecar. I have been told that such vehicles are illegal in Thailand and that I will not be able to insure it. Is this true?

Samlor, Kata.

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Yes, it is. There is no Thai law that allows a motorcycle with a sidecar to be legally registered. This means they cannot be legitimately insured. Therefore, all motorcycles with sidecars are illegal. Motorcycles are the only two-wheel vehicles that may be legally registered and be legitimately insured.

Somjit Boonchaoy, Phuket Provincial Transportation Office.

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We don’t have a policy to stop motorcycles with sidecars, because people use them to earn a living. What we do is to compromise; we ask that owners attach a light to the front of the sidecar so that other vehicles can see them at night.

Pol Capt Chao Pomna, Deputy Inspector for Traffic, Phuket Town Police Station.

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