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What are the rules for a foreigner buying a bar? Can a foreigner buy a bar by himself or must he have a contract with a Thai citizen?

Puchana Lag, Seattle.

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If you mean just the building and the equipment, then yes, a foreigner may buy. But if you mean buying the business, then most cases require at least 51% investment from a Thai or Thais, whether they are silent or active partners. Please note that it is illegal for a company to have Thai nominees listed as partners. They must be genuine investors. Americans, however, may own up to 99.4% of a certain business. Please note that in order to get a work permit, they must have a limited company.

Sam Fauma, Managing Director, International Law Office.

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The Thai-American Treaty of Amity allows Americans certain privileges in owning businesses such as bars, restaurants and diving shops.

Weerachai Tantiwattanawallop, Head of the Phuket Commercial Registration Office.

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