Can I be the project manager of my very own house?

If I’m married to a Thai national and have all the correct paperwork to build a house in Phuket, can I act as my own project manager without a work permit?

I would interview and hire contractors, supervise the work, give advice and supervise all activities on the work site day by day – but I would not get paid. I will simply live in the finished home with my wife.

Want a House, Kathu

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As a foreigner, even with a Thai wife, you cannot act as your own project manager without a work permit.

Jobs related to engineering and architecture are reserved for Thais. However, if an international company sponsors your work permit as a “project manager” you can function in this capacity.

Normally, foreigners having their own houses built in Thailand hire a Thai person as the project manager.

Jeeraphan Sookhwan, Chief of the Work Permit Department, Phuket Provincial Employment Office.

Answered on November 9, 2012.
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