Can I fly high in Phuket?

In my travels around the island, on a couple of occasions I have seen para-gliders in the air. On those occasions I was not able to follow them without causing chaos in traffic. I would love to take up para-gliding as a hobby here. Is there a group or club here? I am a veteran skydiver and as there isn’t much of that going on here, para-gliding would likely do wonders to pacify my need to fly.

Dave, Phuket.

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Members of the Thailand Para-glider Club were last seen demonstrating their skills in October on Ya Nui Beach in an effort to drum up support for the sport in tourism-oriented Phuket.

The local representative in Phuket of the Thailand Para-glider Club is Dr Prasert Theplaong, who can be contacted for more information at 076-255336 or 09-4695571.

Phuket Gazette

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