Can I help with the pudding?

Recently, Ray Brown asked if mowing the lawn would get him in trouble for working without a work permit (click here for previous Issue & Answer).

Janya Yingyong replied that, as long as he is not working for someone else, everything is fine.

Does this mean that I am forbidden from getting up early in the morning to help my Thai wife prepare her coconut pudding? She sells coconut pudding and fried quail eggs from a motorbike side-cart.

Ian Knowles, Thalang.

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If you are working to prepare things for your wife to sell, you are considered to be working to earn money.

Even though you do not receive the money directly, you do benefit through your wife, which is, in fact, prohibited without a work permit.

To comply with the law, you need a work permit. If you apply for one, your wife’s business needs to be registered.

Janya Yingyong, of the Phuket Provincial Employment Office’s Work Permit Section.

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