Clarifying the 80-meter building rule

I have bought some land of which part lies more than 80 meters above sea level. I understand that you cannot build permanent buildings above 80 meters due to environmental/conservation restrictions brought in in 1997.

If the base of a permanent building is at or under 80 meters, can the actual building (such as the walls, roof, so on) be above 80 meters?

Also, is it possible to have a non-permanent structure, such as a Thai-style sala or small wooden house, built above 80 meters?

Mr Enviromentalist, Koh Kaew.

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The top of the building must not stand higher than 80 meters above sea level, regardless of how far above sea level the land it stands on is.

No structure, permanent or otherwise, may be built on land 80 meters above sea level, even a wall, because this is also considered to be a building.

Prapit Noopetch, Head of the Public Works Division, Koh Kaew Tambon Administration Organization.

Answered on December 14, 2004.
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