Coming to Thailand to work

I have been offered a decent job in Phuket. What exactly do I need to do to work in Thailand and to bring my child with me?

Eric Bjørvik, Norway

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As a foreigner outside Thailand who wants to work in the Kingdom, you must first obtain a non-immigrant B visa from a Thai Embassy or Consulate. The employer in Thailand may apply for a work permit for you. Only after the work permit has been issued may you start working. Documents to be submitted with the application for a work permit include a curriculum vitae, educational qualifications, employment record and evidence of work experience. If these documents are not in Thai or English, they must be translated into Thai and verified as a true translation by a Thai Embassy. You must also supply a certificate of good health and three photographs (5 x 6 cm) taken not more than six months before the application is submitted. Your child will require a non-immigrant O visa. If the child will be going to school in Thailand, you will need to apply for an education visa, which requires a letter from the school confirming your child’s registration there.

Friedrich Fauma, Managing Director, International Law Office

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