Do I need a work permit?

I am a shareholder in a properly registered Thai company. The company has recently purchased a boat for fishing charters. I have been informed that, as a company shareholder, I can go out on the boat to supervize the Thai crew at any time without a work permit. Is this true?

Peter Garrett, Kathu.

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Not. It’s not true. You do need to have a work permit, because going out to supervize the Thai crew is considered to be work.

To apply for the work permit, you have to go to the PPEO with the required documents: visa, passport, graduation certificate or documents listing your work experiences and the registration of the company you work for, along with three 5x6cm photos.

The approval process should not take longer than one month.

Kitti Nuisri, Chief of Foreign Labor Division, Phuket Provincial Employment Office (PPEO).

Answered on October 27, 2004.
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