Double-entry visa stamp mistake

I am an Austrian citizen who is married to a Thai lady. We were married in South Africa a year ago.

Over the past year, I have been in and out of Thailand six times. During my most recent visit to South Africa, I applied for a double-entry non-immigrant O visa. At the Royal Thai Embassy in Pretoria, I was informed this would give me the right to stay in Thailand for two three-month periods.

I paid 880 rand for that visa, twice as much as a single-entry three-month visa.

After spending three months in Thailand, we traveled to Europe. Upon returning to Thailand with my wife, the officer at passport control informed me that I was allowed to stay for only one month before I would have to leave the country again.

Please enlighten me, as my IQ is not high enough to understand this.

Gunter Steinhart, Phuket.

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According to your visa, you should have been given a stamp for a 90-day stay. It appears as though you were given a 30-day stamp in error by our staff when checking it at the passport control point.

Therefore, I would like you to contact me in person and bring your passport so I may check it again.

You may call me directly at the number 081-6394080 to make an appointment.

Pol Col Paweena Boonsutthi, Phuket Airport Immigration Superintendent.

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