False engine numbers

I have discovered that the engine number on my motorbike is not the same as the engine number in the bike’s registration book. I returned the motorbike, which was expensive, to the person in Patong who sold it to me, but he said that he couldn’t give my money back because he didn’t have the money to give. How can I get my money back?

Khun Klienglam, Karon.

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If the change in ownership has not yet been registered, a complaint may be filed with the police and the seller may be charged with fraud. If the bike has been registered in your name, a civil case against the seller could be filed, seeking a court order to force him to accept the bike’s return and to repay the cost of the bike.

Kenneth J.A. Brookes, Foreign Clients Consultant, International Law Office.

Answered on December 7, 2001.
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