Homeschooling in Phuket

Being really fed up with the standard of schools here, I’m looking into homeschooling now. I always thought it was illegal in Thailand, or at least for Thai children. However, I just read an old article on the topic and learned that it is both legal and possible.

Do I need to register to homeschool my child? If so, where? And does a foreign parent require some kind of certificate for this?

Suzanne Stoffels, Phuket.

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By law, every child in Thailand must receive some form of schooling from Prathom 1 level (about age 6) to Mattayom 3 (about age 15).

This can be homeschool if you prefer, but the parent – or the person teaching the child – must have graduated from senior high school or pass a test at the nearest Educational Service Area Office where the child is to be taught.

In your case, this would be the Phuket Educational Service Area Office.

These requirements apply to the homeschooling of foreign children as well.

Also, the venue where the child is to be taught must registered as a place of education, that is, as a homeschool.

To do so, you must apply to the Phuket Educational Service Area Office with the following documents:

1. Completed application form (available at our office)

2. Map showing where the venue is located

3. Copy of a house registration (tabien baan) for the venue

4. Copy of ID card or passport of child/children to be taught (if available)

5. Copy of ID card or passport of the parents of the child/children to be taught

You must present to us your proposed curriculum, which must be approved by our office.

Our committee will check your lesson plan and inspect your house to ensure both are appropriate.

If your application is approved, any children being taught at the homeschool will be registered as homeschool students and be issued student ID cards confirming this.

All this usually takes about a month.

Please note that any children taught in homeschools must pass the national basic education test in order to receive a certificate issued by the Ministry of Education confirming successful completion of basic education.

Please feel free to come and see us. We are happy to talk about any aspects of homeschooling and provide advice.

For more information, call us at 076-211591.

Our office is located at the corner of Mae Luan Road and Yaowarat Road in Phuket Town. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Nichada Simajun, Educational Specialist, Phuket Primary Educational Service Area Office.

Answered on October 21, 2013.
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