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I live on Soi Namjai, near the Sea Shell Museum. I live along the back part of the road, and to get to Wiset Road, I have to travel along about 400 meters of road that is completely dark at night. There is just no illumination offered by adjacent street lamps.Where can I apply to have street lights put in?

In addition to there being no light on the 400-meter stretch, there is about 200m of it without proper drainage, which leaves people cut-off from the main road after a heavy rain, unless they have a big-wheeled car. Where can I apply to have drains put in?

Lastly, I want to know who I should contact about two garbage disposal points, which fill up with rats after sundown.

Otto Northe, Rawai

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I suggest that you come in to see us and file a formal complaint at our administrative office. This way you will be able to give us more information about the situation.

We will need to establish exactly where your house is so we can determine if the street is on public or private land.

If the street is on private property, we cannot do anything unless the land owner donates the street to the public.

Additionally, if you see street lights without working bulbs, you can file a complaint to us. We will then have our workers change the bulbs.

Also, if you could provide us with more information about the garbage disposal points, we can have our workers take a look at the situation and see if we can find a solution.

We can be contacted at the Rawai Municipality office Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm, or by telephone at 076-613801.

Vai Choochan, Social Welfare Department Acting Chief at Rawai Municipality.

Answered on October 11, 2012.
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