Importing a private car

I would like to import a 1972 classic car, which I have owned since 1982. What tax or other duties are payable on the car and which government department should I approach for clearance?

Bob Yapp, Boat Lagoon

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First, the Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce (Tel: 02-2828187) must grant permission for a foreigner to import a used car. Second, the importer must contact Section 4 of the Import Formality Division at the Bangkok Port Import Clearance Bureau (Tel: 02-2494297), which will want to see the following documents: – The owner’s ID card or passport – Bill of lading – Car registration – The driver’s ID card or passport – A notarized letter from the owner, if the driver is not the owner. One or more of the following documents are required if the foreigner is moving to Thailand: – Non-immigrant quota as shown in the passport or residence book, or – Proof of entrance into Thailand as a specialist or consultant to any government agency in the form of a letter certifying that the foreigner has a non-immigrant visa issued by the Immigration Bureau to work and live in Thailand for at least one year, or – A one year work permit from the Skill Development Department, or – A one year non-immigrant visa. The Royal Thai Customs Department (TCD) calculates the duties payable on the car, depending on its valuation of the car including the insurance and freight charges. The TCD has tables for calculating import duties and depreciation. The TCD must see the car and the registration book before it can make a valuation.

Paitoon Thuthong, Public Relations Sub-division, Secretariat of the Royal Thai Customs Department

Answered on January 17, 2001.
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