Importing used household goods

I’m planning to import my household goods to Thailand for myself and my Thai wife. All the goods are in good order but are used, not new. Are there any restrictions on what I may bring? Must I pay duty in order to bring them into the country? Also, are there any forms that I need to fill out before I import my belongings? If so, where do I get these forms?

Ray Spiteri, Australia

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If your wife has lived abroad for at least a year, then she may import the belongings without paying customs duty. It is also possible for you yourself to import household goods without paying customs duty. To do this, you will need a work permit that is valid for one year, as a form of guarantee that you will be in Thailand for at least one year. Otherwise, you must pay customs duty. Your belongings must arrive in Thailand not more than one month before or six months after you yourself arrive. When they do arrive, you must come to the Phuket Customs office at Phuket International Airport where you will need to complete the appropriate forms.

Soipet Suwanchaiyoth, Chief of the Office of Customs, Region 5, Phuket.

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Used household furniture imported into Phuket is exempt from customs duty. However, if you import more than one piece of each type of furniture, you will need to pay duty for the extra pieces.

Office of Customs, Region 5, Phuket.

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