Italian visas without knowing your birth date

I have a Thai friend who was born in 1943, but he does not know the exact day on which he was born. Even on his ID card, his “date of birth” is given only as 1943, and his passport reads the same.

His daughter, who lives in Rome, wants him to visit her, but the Italian authorities will not allow him into Italy without a birth date in his passport.

How can my friend have his full date of birth included on his ID card or in his passport when there is no record of this from his childhood?

KJ, Rawai.

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If a person doesn’t have any documents to certify his date of birth, he should have a relative who does know the date attest to it before a Grade C level Thai civil servant.

The Chief Registration Officer is authorized to evaluate this and other “proof” and submit it to the District Office Chief.

Orawan Na Thalang, Muang District Office.

Answered on December 17, 2004.
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We would not refuse someone a visa only on the grounds that he does not know his precise day of birth. We know that in Thailand 50 to 60 years ago, especially in rural areas, it was common to record only the year in which someone was born – so there must be some other reason why this gentleman has been refused a visa.

If he telephones this office – on 02-2854090-3, extension 139 or 140 – any afternoon during the week, staff here will be happy to discuss the matter with him privately. We have Thai-speaking staff who can answer any questions he may have.

Alessandra Nonnis, head of the visa section at the Italian Embassy in Bangkok.

Answered on December 17, 2004.
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