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What does it take to keep noise levels down at Danegs Karaoke on Soi Koktanod in Kata? Alternatively, how can we get them to close at 2 am? Every morning, when their customers get very drunk, they crank up the volume and people who live in the area can’t get any sleep. We also told the owner that his customers’ cars block our driveway, but he doesn’t seem to care. Local police seem helpless in this matter. All the neighbors are so tired of this. What can be done?

Larry Archuleta, Kata

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When residents report a noisy karaoke bar, I send officers to issue a fine. The owners pay the fine, but then carry on doing the same thing. It is hard for us to control them all the time. If it happens again, I suggest that you report the bar to the Provincial Noise Control Committee, which can send officers to check noise levels. If levels are above the legal limit, the committee can close down the bar. Complaints can be filed at a local police station, the provincial government office, the Phuket Town district chief, or the Phuket Provincial Health Office, all of which have representatives on the committee.

Pol Col Sati Malakanond, Superintendent of Chalong Police Station

Answered on January 15, 2001.
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