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Why do I have to dial up 17 times, at any time of the day, to get online with KSC, I-Net or Enjoynet? Or, in fact, any net? Is it a case of not enough modems, or lack of bandwidth, or over-subscription?

Android Humanoid, Rawai.

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If we know your login name, the INET dialup number that you use and the error messages you are getting, these will help us figure out the problems more easily. We have checked if we have any of the problems you mentioned and have found that, in Phuket, we do not. In addition, the modems in Phuket are all working fine. There are four INET dialup numbers in Phuket, as follows: 076-232212 and 076-233331 (56k connections for TT&T subscribers), and 076-357888 and 076-360036 (56k connections for TOT subscribers). There can be many reasons for dialup connection problems. These include incorrectly set properties for dialup networking; poor telephone lines, or a malfunctioning modem or modem driver. We need to have more details in order to solve your problem. Please contact our call center at 076-210656.

Penwipa Pianchob, Metropolitan Support Manager, Internet Thailand Public Co Ltd.

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There are three numbers for connection to KSC in Phuket. These are 076-358000, 076-360222 and 076-360555. The problems may be from poor telephone lines or lines carrying a lot of traffic. Your computer should show a code or error message giving the reason you couldn’t connect. Most probably the difficulty is due to a busy line so you can change to use another number from three that we have. We will increase the telephone lines in the future if those three numbers get too busy. The contact numbers for technical support are 076-214496 and 076-214497.

Weerapong Anakewongsawat, Support Technician, Internet KSC Phuket.

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There are many possible reasons for your problem, but I think it may come down to busy lines. We have three access numbers for the Phuket area – 076-233299, 076-360000 and 076-360055. If you find that one of them is busy, you can use one of the others. For more information about technical support for EnjoyNet call 076-355501. To help us solve the problem, tell us your username and the error number or message.

Utaiwan Bua-ngam, Customer Service Officer, Professional Computing System Co Ltd (EnjoyNet) .

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