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I’m interested in visiting Phuket for a holiday, but am greatly concerned by the ongoing government drive against illegal drugs, widely reported in newspapers. I need to take certain medications such as blood pressure and cholesterol drugs, including lisinopril, metoprolol, ator vastatin and gemvibrozil. What’s the likely result when Thai customs agents find a 30- day supply of each in my luggage, along with multi-vitamins and dietary supplements? Should I expect demands for documentation? Arrest? Imprisonment? Jail? Execution? What documentation would satisfy Thai customs of my legitimate need for these drugs?

Jay Laz, California.

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You should bring a document from your doctor explaining your illness and your need for medication. It should state the amount of each drug you will need to use during the time you are here. As for the multi-vitamins and dietary supplements, the amount you bring should not be more than the amount the labels on the packaging state is a reasonable amount for the time you will be here.

Wuthichai Ekisarasap, Appraiser, Customs Office, Phuket International Airport.

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