Murders at the port

In the year 2000, 14 people were found murdered in the fishing port area, and the killings continue this year. According to police reports, almost all the victims died from multiple stab wounds, apparently made by the same murder weapon, a sharpened steel rod. How is it possible that so many people get gruesomely murdered on a tourist island like Phuket and, after more than a year, the police have made no progress in the investigation? All the victims might be from a poor social background, or may be from Burma, but surely they deserve the same treatment under the law?

Charlotte Knobellch, Thailand

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“We do care, but the bodies are all found floating in the sea, so it is very difficult to find out where they floated from. They might have been put into the water from the land or from a boat (if so, which one?). Another thing is that the victims have all been dead at least eight hours before being found. That makes it more difficult to find out who they were and where they were from. Last year we made an arrest in one case in the same area, in which a Burmese stabbed a Thai man to death. And our procedure is the same whether the person killed is Thai or Burmese. If the victims were killed on shore, then we would be able to make arrests in most cases because the local villagers would call the police and it would be easier to find witnesses. But all the victims were found floating in the water.

Pol Lt Col Veerasit Kwanseng, Deputy Superintendent, Phuket Town Police Station.

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