Neighbor encroaching on my home

I rent an apartment in a dead-end street in Patong. While I was away my neighbor had construction done in his apartment and used my water. I had just come back to Phuket and found that he had some of his workers setting up camp in my carport.

He has two cars, but only one space, so he ends up parking one of his cars right in front of my garage access so I have to do major maneuvers to get in and out of my parking space.

He has also extended his deck and carried out major renovation work on the common land, taking over 30 square meters of space. What can be done?

He does not care and he keeps mentioning that he “knows people” and can do anything he likes.

JPB, Patong

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You have to come and report this problem to us at Patong Police Station in person so that we can get more details about the problem and know exactly where you live.

After that, we will send out a patrol to verify the activities that you claim your neighbor has done to cause you trouble.

If he has, we will talk with him about the reasons why he has encroached into your private area and interferes with your private property.

At the initial stage we will issue him a warning, but if he continues his behavior, he will be charged and fined. For example, if we confirm that he did use your water while you were away and you have had to pay the bill for it, we can charge him with theft.

However, as for the workers setting up camp in your carport and your neighbor blocking access to your parking space, and even your neighbor encroaching on “common land” within the apartment complex, you will need to raise these issues with the apartment complex owner or management committee.

If the apartment complex owner or committee is unable to resolve the issues, then the owner or representatives of the committee can file a complaint with the police.

If you have any further queries before coming to see us, please call the Patong Police Station at 076-342719-20.

Patong Police Deputy Superintendent Kittipong Klaikaew.

Answered on November 15, 2012.
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