Parking on odd and even dates

Can anyone explain the reasoning behind the odd and even dates for parking? And if I park my car on an even side before midnight, do I have to move my car to the other side of the road after midnight?

Mervyn, Patong.

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Parking signs that designate whether drivers are allowed to park in a particular place on an odd or even date are used specifically for narrow roads so that traffic can flow easily. With this system, drivers may park on one side of the road on one day, but they must park on the other side of the road on the following day. This is done so that the burden of parked cars blocking shop fronts in these streets is shared equally among all shop owners. These signs display the hours that the regulation is in force, which is usually during the day. Outside the specified hours you may park your vehicle on either side of the road. If the sign does not display any specified hours, then the regulation comes into force at 8 am.

Pol Capt Choaw Pomna, Traffic Sub-Inspector, Phuket Town Police Station.

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