Problems with 1234 telephone system

A while ago, the Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT) announced a special rate for long-distance and overseas calls, which could be accessed by dialing 1234 before the number you wanted to call. I’ve tried to use this service many times, but I always get a busy signal. I guess that either the service is very popular or that the TOT has allocated too few resources to it. Does the TOT plan to expand the system so it is actually possible to use it?

Busy Signal, Phuket Town

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The service is often busy because many people use it.

Somkiat Lorprasertchai, Manager, TOT Phuket Office

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TT&T customers may use this service, but must first ask TT&T to make the service available. Customers may have some difficulty connecting to the system because a lot of people use it.

Officer, TT&T Phuket Office.

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