Racial discrimination issue

Recently my Thai wife and I went for a lunch buffet at the Thavorn Grand Hotel in Phuket City. When we went to pay for the buffet, we were informed by staff and then again by management that there was an additional charge for my meal, because of my white skin. Isn’t racial discrimination illegal in Thailand? If so, which government office is responsible for processing complaints about such illegal acts?

Danny B., Phuket.

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This was a promotional buffet to celebrate the Thavorn Grand Hotel’s 13th anniversary. We had a special offer for Phuket people of 199 baht for two people. Both people had to be local people (for their children it was 100 baht for two). In addition, we had a special rate for government employees of 199 baht for two or, in the case of parties of 20 or more, 159 baht for two. But for people not from Phuket – or for people from Phuket coming on their own – the price was 199 baht each.

Nopparat Thongsong, Assistant Food & Beverage Manager, Thavorn Grand Hotel.

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If you have a receipt showing what you paid for your meal, you can bring it to us and we will look into the matter. You can call us on Tel: 076-213203.

An official of the Damrongtham Center, which addresses complaints by the public.

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