Rainy season power cuts

I recently moved to Rawai and have suffered a lot of power failures, usually one to four hours, during the heavy rains. My friends in Chalong are not affected. Is this an ongoing problem for this area and am I going to have to endure this for the rest of the rainy season?

What are my options as far as a generator is concerned? Does somebody have a suggestion?

Keith, Rawai.

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Rain should not affect electricity supply to houses though it might affect big businesses that are using a lot of power. Sometimes the electricity is cut if there is an accident and someone runs into and knocks down a power pole or if an animal falls against the wires and short-circuits them.

These things are more likely during heavy rain. You should also check and make sure your home doesn’t have an overload. If, after you check and have confirmed there are no problems at your home, please call our office at 076-210427-8 and we can have an officer come and check your home to see what the problem might be.

Ekkachok Tantipareepan of the Phuket Provincial Electricity Authority.

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