Registering a jointly-owned boat

I am considering buying a new boat with three other people as equal-share owners, all foreigners. The vessel will be Thai registered from new.

I have been advised that a new vessel can be registered in the name of only one person. Once the boat has been registered, we would have to apply for an alteration to the registration document at additional cost.

Is this correct? If so, please provide a summary of the additional costs.

Dave Hunt, Phuket.

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There is no regulation saying that the boat’s registration must be registered in only one person’s name. You can register the owners all together, but to do that all of the owners must have the names on all relevant documents involved in buying the boat.

When you come to register the boat, you must bring all of the owners’ documents together for the registration progress.

Often, when a single boat has more than two owners, it is registered as belonging to a limited partnership they have set up. However, this is not the only way to have joint-ownership.

I can’t give any figures of the registration fees for you now as there are many different fees for boat registration, depending on the boat’s size, engine, purchasing details, whether it was imported or built here and so on.

You can ask for more information by phone or fax at 076-391174 or contact the Phuket Marine Office 5 at 88/10 Moo 7, Wichit, Muang, Phuket (on the way to Phuket Deep Sea Port, Panwa Cape).

Olarn Hengcharoen, Chief of Phuket Marine Office 5.

Answered on September 3, 2008.
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