Registering a land lease

Can a 30-year land lease be registered with the Land Department one, two or even three years after the lease was signed? If so, who is required to be present and sign the registration?

John, Phuket.

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If the lease is for three years or more, it must, by law, be registered with the Land Office. Even if the lease has already been signed for three years and still hasn’t been registered with the Land Office, it should be registered with the Land Office and registration will apply retroactively from the date of the start of the lease.

Both the landlord and the tenant must be present at the Land Office with the necessary documentation: the land title, ID card – or passport for a foreigner – and a house registration, or if the tenant is a company, the company registration and an annual report.

Jarong Nilrat, Land Officer of Phuket Provincial Land Office.

Answered on November 12, 2004.
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