Sidetracked senior seeks sidewalk solution

I recently took occasion to stroll down Sawatdirak Rd in Patong, which runs between Rat-U-Thit 200 Pi Rd and the beach road. Although I have an artificial limb and ambulate using a walking stick, I generally have little difficulty in walking short distances.

On Sawatdirak Rd, however, I found that the sidewalk surface was all cracked and uneven – a situation which I am sure poses a safety threat to even the most able-bodied.

In my case I was fortunate enough to happen upon a friendly young woman sitting in a roadside bistro who, despite my advancing age, seemed to take a real liking to me. She explained that the sidewalk surface had been completely redone after the tsunami – which means it is less than three year’s old!

She also commented that several of her colleagues in the establishment had complained that walking to work in their high-heel shoes was indeed difficult.

Although I made it safely back to my pension later than night, I remain concerned for the safety of these fine young lasses and wonder whether there are any plans to improve the sidewalks in that area.

Johnathan A Marks, RAF (retired).

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We are aware of the problems with the sidewalks in that area and plan to fix them as part of a 1.5-million-baht budget to improve sidewalks throughout Patong.

However, the project still requires final approval by Patong Municipality. If the budget is approved as we hope it will be by the end of September, then repairs could begin in October.

Sompon Khwunyuen, director of Patong Municipality Public Works.

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