Smell my funky tap water

When I shower or open the tap in my apartment in Chalong the smell of old rain and groundwater comes up. My landlord says that every room in the surrounding area has the same problem. It makes my eyes itch when I shower, so I’m sure it is not clean at all. What is it? And how can it be improved?

Matt, Chalong

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The bad water smell in your Chalong apartment might be caused by water pipe repairs that were going on in that area. Even after making repairs the pipes have to be drained of residual dirty water.

We drain the waste water, but some will work its way through the system to your tap. This is probably causing the smell, and you should not use tap water while dirty water is still in the system.

If you have water issues, call me. My cell phone number is 087-012-0295. I am available 24 hours, and I can contact my workers to any resolve problems.

Phuket Provincial Waterworks Authority Manager Pisak Chonlayut.

Answered on November 30, 2012.
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