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Can I get a permanent visa to enable me to study and gain work experience in Thailand for a period of about 4 years, without having to leave every 90 days? I am studying for a diploma in counselling and would like the studies to cover the Thai culture. I have a permanent income from Australia.

Robyn Perkins, Australia

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You have to apply for a Non-Immigrant – ED (Education) visa at a Thai Embassy or Consulate in your country before visiting Thailand. A visitor can stay in Thailand for a period of no more than 90 days, and then the visitor must leave the country. There are usually no exceptions for the holder of a Non-Immigrant – ED Visa. But, considering the long study period and the question of whether or not your study is connected with a Thai University, then a longer period is possible. The University has to apply for a visa on your behalf at their Provincial Immigration Office for the period of your course. Then you do not need to leave every 90 days. You just need a stamp at Provincial Immigration.

Pol Col Apirak Hongtong, Superintendent of the Phuket Provincial Immigration Office

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