Transfering car ownership

Is it possible to tranfer ownership of a car without the person selling the car being present? If so, what documents are required from the previous owner?

Daniel, Phuket.

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You may transfer a vehicle to be registered in your name without the previous owner being with you when you register the change. To do so, you must bring to the Phuket Provincial Transportation Office (PPTO) a signed letter from the previous owner granting you permission to take over ownership of the vehicle. Alternatively, the previous owner may choose to have a representative act on his or her behalf, but this person must have written permission to do so, signed by the previous owner. In addition, the previous owner must sign the transfer-of-ownership form, but this can be done earlier, and you may complete the form at our offices. If the previous owner is Thai, you must also bring a copy of that person’s ID card and of his or her tabien baan [house registration paper], both signed by the previous owner. If the previous owner is a foreigner, you must bring a signed copy of his or her passport, in particular the pages showing the person’s face and current visa. For more information call the PPTO at Tel: 076-214929 or 076-211019.

Teerayuth Prasertphol, Chief, Phuket Provincial Transportation Office.

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