Unfair rules for girl who got engaged

My Thai fiancée recently went to apply for a job as a spa therapist with one of the international spa chains that operates out of a five-star hotel in Cherng Talay.

She had to spend a lot of time preparing, then had to drive a motorcycle 20km through the pouring rain to get there. She was not selected, and as she felt she had been the best in her interview group, she asked why she was not chosen.

She was told that it was because she was engaged to be married. This could cause trouble “in the future”, they told her.

If this is the case, the spa should state this in its job advertisement and spare ineligible applicants all the trouble. She was crying for hours afterwards.

Is it legal in Thailand to discriminate in this way? If so, is there a solid basis for a civil case here?

Heartbroken, Samkong.

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We can protect people from unfair treatment from the time they start work until they quit. In this case, however, we cannot help because the spa company has its rule for selecting employees and has the right to apply them.

You may contact the Labour Protection and Welfare Office at Tel: 076-220760.

Rungsan Imsomphot, of the Phuket Office of Labour Protection and Welfare.

Answered on November 5, 2004.
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There is no law to support such a case. The spa company can reject her for the reason it gave, and she cannot bring a case against the company because it has done her no harm.

Yothin Jantarochai, a lawyer with the Phuket Provincial Prosecutor’s Office.

Answered on November 5, 2004.
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