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My aunt has just arrived from Hong Kong on a 60-day tourist visa. However, she is disabled and is having medical treatment here in Phuket, so we would like to get her a 90-day (or longer) visa.

How can I apply for such a visa for her?

Deepti, Patong.

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First of all, your aunt must get letter from a doctor stating that she cannot travel out of Thailand. Without this, she cannot get an extension of stay; with it, she can get a 90-day extension, or as long as the doctor recommends.

The letter must come from a doctor at a hospital – government or private – not a clinic.

Foreigners who cannot leave Thailand due to illness must also provide proof that they can support themselves while they are here, or that someone will support them while they are here. Without this, they face deportation from Thailand.

If there is no question of your aunt being able to travel out of Thailand [for a long time], she would probably be better off applying for a non-immigrant “O” visa, from the Thailand Immigration headquarters in Bangkok.

In addition to the paperwork usually required for a non-immigrant “O” visa, your aunt (or you on her behalf) should also submit the doctor’s confirmation/request.

If your aunt’s relatives in Thailand want to take care of her, that’s fine, but she should ask the embassy of her own country to certify that she has no one in her home country to stay with, and that she will be staying with relatives in Thailand.

The fee for a non-immigrant visa is 1,900 baht. The documents you need to support an application for one are your aunt’s passport and a copy of it, a photograph and the statement from the doctor.

Pol Capt Krissarat Nuesen of the Phuket Provincial Immigration Office.

Answered on December 2, 2004.
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