What hours are construction sites allowed to make noise?

Are there any regulations regarding working hours on construction sites? I once lived in a quiet area of Rawai until two construction sites began work next to my house.

One site works normal hours: 7:30 am to 6 pm. However, the other site starts at 7:30 am and finishes at 11 pm. It is very noisy and they are using heavy machinery about 10 meters from my house. Some nights I cannot even hear the TV.

Richard Starkey, Rawai.

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In Thailand, regulation working hours must not exceed eight hours a day, consequentially restricting the maximum work week to 48 hours.

However, the owner is allowed to request overtime hours that must not exceed 36 hours a week, though it is up to the official at the Labor Office who handles the request to decide whether or not to grant overtime.

In regards to the noise that disturbs you and your family, I advise you to contact Rawai Tambon Administration Organization (OrBorTor) and inquire about what can be done.

Another option would be to file a compliant with the Damrongtham Center at Phuket Provincial Hall, which may allow you to raise the issue the governor.

An officer at the Phuket Labor Protection and Welfare Office.

Answered on October 10, 2007.
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