Where is Rawai’s municipal water?

I have been “supplied” by the Phuket Provincial Water Supply (PPWS) for nearly a year, and it seems they deliberately turn off the water supply after four or five days to prevent their customers starting to rely on it.

After all, if their customers started to believe that they had any kind of “right” to receive municipal water, they would start to complain when they didn’t get it and the phone at the PPWS would be ringing off the hook.

Also, what would all the shops that sell those huge blue plastic water tanks do? Not to mention the water pump suppliers, well diggers, water tanker operators and so on.

I used to call the PPWS and complain every time the water stopped flowing, and I was consistently told it was because of the roadworks in Phuket, but where I live in Rawai the roadworks were finished months ago, so it can no longer be blamed on the backhoe operators constantly digging up the water main.

I have kept log of when I have and have not received water. Here are the most recent entries:

January: 16 OK

Jan 17: very low pressure in morning

Jan 18: water off in morning, back at night

Jan 19: OK

Jan 20 to 22: low pressure during day, OK at night

Jan 23 to 25: OK

Jan 26: low pressure to no water

Jan 27 to Feb 2: no water

Feb 3 to 6: OK

Feb 7: low pressure

Feb 8: no water

Feb 9: low pressure

Feb 10 and 11: OK

Feb 12: low pressure

Feb 13 to 26: no water

Feb 27: OK

Feb 28: no water in the evening.

As you can see, there was no municipal water at all for 22 of 44 days. I wonder what the situation will be like at the end of the dry season?

I am very pleased to report that the municipal water supply was restored this morning. I suppose it is just a coincidence, perhaps one of the engineers popped over to the pumping station and noticed that the big valve labeled “Rawai” was in the “Off” position.

Roger, Rawai.

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This problem still occurs because roadworks are still being carried out on Chao Fa West Rd on the way to Rawai. Many water-supply pipes are broken because the pipes are next to the road. When the construction company uses heavy machinery for digging, they frequently break the pipes.

I suggest that people have water tanks to keep a spare water supply as this happens very often. Sometimes when we stop the water supply to repair a broken pipe and then we release it again, we find that the pipes are broken elsewhere.

If people want to have enough water, they should use water tanks until the roadworks are finished in about two months.

Sayan Wareearoonroj, Manager of Phuket Provincial Water Supply (PPWS).

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