Who keeps Karon Beach clean?

I have recently spent three weeks in Karon and wish to comment on the state of Karon Beach. I know this issue has been raised in your forum previously and I do realize the impact of the monsoon on beaches.

However, the litter on the beach every day was unacceptable, and the amount of hazardous litter was something else. There were fluorescent tubes, glass bottles, broken glass and so on.

Many tourists commented on these eyesores and it is only a matter of time before there is serious injury.

Thailand has always positioned itself as a tropical beach destination, but the tourist market is a fickle one and those who are in control need to do just that – take control.

They should employ full-time beach cleaners. Surely there must be many locals who seek employment. Whatever you do, please do something before its too late.

Peter Logan, South Africa.

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We have workers who are responsible for cleaning Karon Beach and the roads in Karon. In the high season, we ask the beach chair operators to help us keep the beach clean where they have their beach chairs. In the low season, we hire a subcontractor to clean up all the garbage that is washed ashore.

Sometimes our staff overlook some places or haven’t arrived before you see the garbage, but we ensure that we have responsible persons for that.

Regardless, thank you very much for informing us of the problem. We intend to keep our area as clean as possible.

Tawee Thongchaem, Mayor of Kata-Karon Municipality.

Answered on December 26, 2007.
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