Why isn’t there a traffic light on Patong Hill?

I live in Patong and each evening have to pick my kids up from school in Phuket Town.

This involves trying to drive out of the junction at Phra Barami Road and Phisit Gorani Road by Wat Suwankeereewong Temple (also known as Wat Patong).

Quite often there is a traffic policeman standing there, but he just stands and watches while people struggle to exit the junction to go up Patong Hill.

At busy times of the day, can a traffic police officer direct traffic, or can traffic lights be installed in this location?

Jonathan Britchford, Patong

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It would not be appropriate to have a traffic light at that location as it would be too dangerous because vehicles coming down the hill would have to stop at a red light.

We have considered a traffic light as an option, but concluded that it would not be possible due to safety concerns.

Wattana Dorn-ubol, head of maintenance at the Phuket Provincial Highways Office.

Answered on November 1, 2012.
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We do not have any plans to install a traffic light at that location. If we did so, it would cause even more problems – there would be traffic jams all day long.

Normally there is a traffic police officer at the intersection during rush hours to facilitate traffic flow.

Traffic officers work the intersection from 7:30am to 9am and 4:30pm to 7pm.

However, there will not be an officer on duty there at all times during rush hour because sometimes other accidents or incidents happen and the officer on duty there will need to take leave to address them.

Maj Sarawut Chuprasit, Chief of Kathu Traffic Police.

Answered on November 1, 2012.
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