Why not resurface the road on both sides of Patong Hill?

I read the news story about the resurfacing of the road on Patong Hill (click here for story), but I can’t help wondering why the work does not include resurfacing the road on the Kathu side of the hill? 

Another question I have is that I have noticed there is a sign near the Chinese shrine at the top of the hill showing the times that large trucks are not allowed on the road over the hill.

Is this regulation still in effect? If so, why do the police not stop big cement trucks from using that road during those times? It seems that these large trucks cause many accidents on the hill.

Baffled, Kathu.

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The Phuket Provincial Highways Office is not resurfacing the road on the Kathu side of the hill because that section of the road falls under the responsibility of Kathu Municipality. They have no authority to freely resurface that section of the road. 

Also, the sign you mentioned advises that 10-wheeled trucks are not allowed on the road over Patong Hill during the peak traffic times from 6 am to 9 am and from 4 pm to 7 pm on government work days. 

However, the government will usually grant special permission for 10-wheeled trucks to use the road during those times if they need to in order to complete a project quickly. 

From my experience of many years working there, the main cause of accidents on the hill is not 10-wheeled trucks but simply from driver negligence, drunk driving or speeding. 

The regulation not allowing 10-wheeled trucks to go over Patong Hill during peak times aims to avoid big traffic jams from big accidents such as when trucks’ brakes fail or the trucks hit power poles. 

Finally, just a little advice, the trick to driving over the hill safely after fresh rain is to drive slowly and keep left because the road will be slippery.

Pol Sen Sgt Maj Suraphol Phoungprom, chief of Traffic Police at Tung Thong Police Station.

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