Will mowing the lawn get me into trouble?

I am retired and living in Thailand on a non-immigrant O visa. My visa clearly states that employment is prohibited, which I am quite happy with since I never intend to work here.

Some of my friends, however, tell me that I am not even permitted to carry out minor jobs, such as cutting my own grass, gardening, house cleaning and so on. Can you please define the term “employment” as used by Thai Immigration because I understand it to mean any work carried out for financial reward.

Ray Brown, Krabi.

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The retirement visa prohibiting employment means that you cannot do any kind of work “for anyone else” even if you don’t receive pay or any other reward for it.

For example, you cannot be a writer who sends your stories to publish in journals or newspapers, even if you don’t get paid, or work as a volunteer translating documents free of charge.

However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot do work for your daily life at your home. You are still able to clean the dishes, cut grass, cook or whatever in your home, just as anyone does in their normal daily lives.

Janya Yingyong, an officer at the Phuket Provincial Employment Office Work Permit Section.

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