Will my baby be Thai?

My Thai “wife” will soon give birth, and I would like to know if my baby will automatically be granted Thai citizenship, even though I am a foreigner and we have not registered our marriage.

Kayeel, Phuket.

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Any baby born to a Thai mother will be automatically bestowed Thai nationality, even if the parents have not registered their marriage. So, your baby will be Thai.

In Thailand, the birth of the newborn must be registered at the local district office or municipality for where the hospital is located.

The procedure is that after a mother delivers her baby, the parents will receive a birth certificate issued by the hospital.

The parents then bring the certificate, along with a copy of the mother’s ID card and house registration form, and a copy of the father’s passport (if he is a foreigner), to register the birth.

If the baby is born at Vachira Phuket Hospital or Bangkok Phuket Hospital, which are both located in Phuket City, the baby’s birth must be registered with Phuket City Municipality.

If the baby is born at Phuket International Hospital, the birth must be registered at the Muang District Office, and if the baby is born in Patong, the birth must be registered with Patong Municipality.

Some hospitals, such as Phuket International Hospital, offer a service to register the baby’s birth automatically so the parents only need to prepare the related documents and the process will be completed by the hospital’s staff.

Manode Fuangkaew, an officer with the Census Registration Department at Kathu District Office.

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