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I am a working musician (drummer/percussionist) in Sydney, Australia. I have been to Thailand quite a few times and visited many provinces and cities, always checking out the local music scene and talent which I think is usually exceptionally good. I have been asked to join many bands as a guest musician and have really enjoyed it. Is it possible to visit Thailand on a visa which would allow me to play professionally and get paid for it? I have recently married a Thai national. Would this qualify me for a visa that would allow me to work?

P.Glynn, Sydney, Australia

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Any foreigner wishing to work in Thailand, and that includes musicians, must apply for a work permit. You must find an employer to hire you first, then you must enter the country on a non-immigrant B visa, and apply for the work permit. You should not play music before you get the permit. Your marriage certificate may be submitted as one of the documents to support your application.

Wassana Thongsakul, Assistant Chief Officer, Phuket Employment Service Office

Answered on February 22, 2001.
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