Imagine visiting the set of a famous Hollywood movie. In this case “the Beach’ with Leonardo DiCaprio. The pristine sands of Maya Beach at Koh Phi Phi. The silence, the turquoise waters, the serenity.

For Sarah Buthmann, her child-hood memories were about to be shattered with this raucous and probably rather sad visit to her dream beach movie set – Maya Bay.

“When we finally managed to park the speedboat in-between about 10,000 more boats, Somporn yelled out, “40 minutes, you come back to boat.” He then blew a whistle and screamed, “Go!”. We stormed the beach while trying not to get trampled as we each prepared our individual selfie-sticks to capture this special and peaceful moment.

I ended up in the middle of an awkward cluster of people, and had to employ the slickest, most creative poses I could think of in order to get a picture of myself without a hundred other people in it. I was not successful”.

Click the link to see the rest of Sarah’s photos and go on a visit with Sarah to Maya Bay, 2017-style.

PHOTOS: Sarah Buthmann

- Phuket Gazette & The Nation