The suspected torpedo remains in the sea of Naiyang Beach. It will take a week to verify its type but the object is safe, according to a specialist in the area of wartime ordinance.

Yesterday afternoon (October 6), a team from the Royal Thai Navy Area 3, Phang Nga base, visited the spot again when it was low tide. The team dug around the object to get detailed information about its appearance.

“Today, we’ve got a lot more information about it to send to the responsible unit to verify. We still cannot tell what it is, precisely,  as we have to wait another week for verification. However, we think it is quite safe.

“We have asked the national park chief to monitor it and warn beachgoers not to go near it in the meantime,” said Pol Col Sombat Sangchaiyapoom, chief of the team.

- Kritsada Mueanhawong