Yesterday afternoon (September 17), Kamala Beach lifeguards rescued 65 year old Barbara Fistrovic from the sea after she went swimming in the red flagged zone part of the beach.

She was swept by a big wave and disappeared before her husband, 75 year old Ivan Fistrovic, rushed to call for help.

The lifeguards provided CPR and first aid and send her to Patong Hospital but she passed away whilst in the ambulance.

PHOTO: Kamala Lifeguard

- Kritsada Mueanhawong


  1. Last year there where around 120 deaths by drowning in Phuket. The previous year it was around 240 yet the media publish figures far, far less. From what i read recently, only 7 deaths. Why is this?

    I might be wrong however based on what i read in several of the Phuket newspapers, it seems there’s at least 1 – 2 drownings every week which makes the figure of 120 seem fairly accurate.