Members of a car racing gang in Chalong are being arrested for making noise, disturbing local people in the area as well as breaking several traffic laws.

A member of the Chalong Municipality Council, Suppawatkan Kunnaluk, has revealed that he received complaints from many local Chalong people about a car race on the public road during the night of January 9, where 7-8 cars loudly ‘drifted’ in front of Nakok Market.

“After I received the complaints, I reported it to Chalong police. Also, I later saw that a Facebook page name Social Hunter V.2 shared a 3-minute video of the cars drifting in the middle of the road without caring about the motorcycles and cars that followed. The video has become viral on social media,” he said.

"คุนกะรู้ ที่นี้มัน ประเทศ ภูเก็ต"เออเว้ย ประเทศนี้มันมีอะไรบันเทิงเยอะไอ้สัส..มันใช่ที่ไหม รบกวนเจ้าหน้าที่ตำรวจจัดหน่อย แหมๆไฟสวยงามจัง

Posted by Social HunterV.2 on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Meanwhile, Chalong Police Station Superintendent, Pol Col Prachum Ruangthong commented that he has already acknowledged the incident.

“We have checked the license plates of each cars in the video and found the drivers. We contacted all of them and they’ve said they will surrender to police this evening (January 11). They will be charged for disturbing public and violating traffic laws. Tomorrow, the investigator will make an appointment to the court.”

“As I talked to them, they said they regretted and want to apologise to the people for what they have done as it has disturbed the local residents,” he added.

- Kritsada Mueanhawong