Royal Thai Navy officers along with Forestry officials have arrested Assanai Sato, from Prachinburi province, while he was trying to cut the restricted crop, eagle wood with an accomplice.

The team led by Rear Admiral Uthai Thongdee from Royal Thai Navy and Chief of Suan Pa Bang Kanun, Sorakrissana Singkham, arrested Assanai in the National Preserved Forest, Suan Pa Bang Kanun, in Thalang last night (November 30). The team managed to capture him but his accomplice evaded officials.

After the arrest, the officers brought Assanai for investigation and searched his accommodation and found his friend’s ID card. The officers waited for the man to come back but he never returned.

The team initially got a report that there were eagle wood smugglers in the protected forest but many of the trees had gone missing already.

- Kritsada Mueanhawong