Phuket’s Soi Dog Foundation arranged its 1st education workshop at Banbangneaw Municipal School on November 10 – 11, chaired by the Phuket Mayor, Somjai Suwansuppana. The workshop aims to share knowledge about dogs and cats to teacher representatives and executives to create activities for their students in order to nurture love and understanding about animals.

The workshop, under the title “Humans Protecting Animals, Animal Protecting Environment”, was attended by teachers and executives from the four leading schools under Phuket Municipality including Banbangneaw Municipal School, Wat Kajorn Rangsan Municipal School, Plookpanya Municipal School and Piboonsawasdee Municipal School.

The activity also supports the Ministry of Education policy of “Moderate Class, More Knowledge”. The knowledge and understanding workshops are also expected to make their way to the local community.

There were many activities including sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas and discussing problems. The teachers also planned the date for the next workshop with their students in January next year.

“Nurturing children about morals through education is a great way to teach them about proper attitudes relating to animals and our environment, especially with pets like dogs and cats. I wish that the teachers and executives in this workshop will bring the experience, knowledge and understanding to their students and turn the creative learning process into changes in action,” said Phuket’s Mayor.

Meanwhile, Education Coordinator of Soi Dog Foundation, Nuttawut Kum-Ngern explained that the Municipality is cooperating with the Foundation as both of them see the workshops as a sustainable solution by nurturing the young generation.

“Regarding the issues about stray dogs and cats in Thailand as well as in Asia, Soi Dog and Phuket Municipality have agreed that a permanent and sustainable solution is to share knowledge to children about our animals and environment. The people who play a key role on this are the teachers and school executives who can make their students understand and feel empathy about the animals, especially dogs and cats,” he said.

- Kritsada Mueanhawong