During a visit at the Prachasamakkee Community today (December 7), the team at the Phuket Provincial Land Office and the lawyer of the plaintiff against the villagers were not allowed to check the measurement of the village land to make a plan to file to the court.

The villagers claim that the 77 defendants haven’t had any appointment for the measurement of ‘their’ land – only 4 of them knew – so they didn’t allow the team to work on the measurements today. The negotiations took about an hour.

“Because not all of us received notice of the appointment, the lawyer from the two sides agreed that they will have to wait until every defendant knows about the appointment. We have made a memorandum that we will meet at the court on December 20 and the appointment for the measurement will be made there,” said the leader of Prachasamakkee community, Surasak Tainapriew.

“After this, we will have to organise a meeting to discuss among us about what to do next.”

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- Kritsada Mueanhawong