If you are attending any official Phuket services for the Royal Cremation or Funeral, this is what you will be required to wear.
 • Respectful black shirt with sleeves and collar. No skin-tight, gym-slip or tube top and avoid laces.
 • Black skirt or sarong that is longer than knee level and polite black shoes. No jeans and shorts allowed
• Polite black shoes. No flip-flop allowed.
• Respectful black shirt with sleeves and collar.
• Black trousers. No jeans and shorts allowed.
• Polite black shoes. No flip-flop allowed.
Company staff
• Company uniform
• School or university student uniform

Places that will be closed on October 26

• Central Festival Phuket
• 7-11
• Tesco Lotus
• Big C
• Robinson
• Makro
• Cinemas
• Homepro
• Homeworks
• Index Living Mall
• Thai Watsadu
• Betagro Shops
• CP Fresh Mart
• True
• Siam Niramit
• Phuket Fantasea
• Simon Cabaret
• Cafe Del Mar
• Kudo Beach Blub
• Paradise Beach
There will be others that we don’t know about.
Almost every island tour company will be closed on October 26 including:
• Nikon Marine
• Siam Adventure World
• Phuket Marine Tour
• Phang Nga Exploration
• Island Dream
• Phuket Sea Land
• Andaman Sea Kayak
• Nightclubs in Bangla Road will close at midnight on October 25 and open again late night on October 27. Some of them will remain closed until the end of October.
• Bars in Patong will also close on October 26 and open again on October 27 and some of them will remain closed until the end of October.
• Many restaurants and local retailers are also expected to be closed on October 26
Each company and business operator can choose to stay open or close out of respect for the funeral of His Late Majesty the King, according to Phuket Public Relations department.
On October 25-26, bars and nightclubs have been asked to cooperate by closing out of respect for the Late King.

Crematorium and ceremony ground

The crematorium model at Sapan Hin main stadium is 100% completed. The crematorium model has been designed and constructed under the concept “modesty, accurate, exquisite and appropriate”. The ceremony starts at 9am on October 26.
There are three zones in the Saphan Hin ceremonial area including the centre, where the ceremony ground is located with the model crematorium (Phra Meru Mas).
The inner layer is where the screening point is set for security and to check the appropriateness of the attendees which is located at the gymnasium of 4,000 seats. Here, food and drinks service from donors are available.
The outer layer is the other area of Sapan Hin, which will be available for everyone else outside the 4,000-seat gymnasium. At the ceremony ground only 4 people are allowed to lay wooden flowers at the same time.
• There will also be services held in Thalang and Kathu on October 26 at the Thepvanuram Temple in Thalang and the Anupatkrisaradam Temple in Kathu.
• All services for the offering of sandalwood flowers will start at 9am.


Cars are announced to be removed from Sapanhin within today and no car is allowed in the park from 8 pm today (October 25) until the end of Royal Cremation ceremony. 
A final pick-up and drop-off points to the Royal Cremation ground in Sapanhin provided by many local organisations
Phuket Land Transport Office
  • Tesco Lotus Samkong (18 Potong Buses)
  • Sanam Chai Field (8 Potong Buses)
  • King Rama IX park or Suan Luang on Thakrang Road side (8 Potong Buese)
  • Srinagarindra the Princess Mother School (2 Potong Buses)
OrBorJor Phuket (6 am – 7 pm)
  • Big C Mall – Phuket Vocational College
  • Supercheap Mall – Mai Mummuang Market
  • Phuket Bus Terminal 2 – Downtown Market
  • Koh Siray – Sapanhin
Wichit Municipality (8 am – the end of ceremony)
  • Sripuwanart Park (45 minivans)
  • Big C Mall (10 minivans)
  • Naka Market (10 minivans)
Chalong Municipality (8 am – the end of ceremony)
  • Tesco Lotus Chalong (7 minivans)
  • Chalong Temple (6 minivans)
  • Chalong Municipality Office (6 minivans)
  • Nabon Caltex Gas Station (7 minivans)
Rassada Municipality (8 am – midday)
  • Phuket Busterminal 2 (3-5 minibus)
Rawai Municipality (pick-up time to Sapanhin at 7 am – 4 pm and pick-up time from Sapanhin to Rawai from 10 am – midnight)
40 minivans and 3 Potong Buses
  • Rawai Municipality Office
  • In front of Kamnan Sin’s House
  • Moo 4 mosque
  • OrBorJor Muang Phuket School
For people living in Kathu, here are the pick-up and drop-off points to Wat Ket Ho:
1. Prince of Songkhla University (preserved for staff and VIPs)
2. Ban Ket Ho School (for motorcycles)
3. Kathu Public Park
4. Parking opposite of Kathu Municipality Office
5. Tessaban 2 Ban Kathu School football field
6. Kathu Temple
7. Parking of Kathu Floating Market
8. Parking of Country Club Golf Course
For people living in Thalang, there’s no pick-up and drop-off points to Wat Manik as the parking of the temple is large enough for personal vehicles.
Other things you should know
• The flying of drones is banned.
• Photo shooting, video or Facebook live is prohibited at the ceremony ground.
• There will be no storage service available. Bring a minimum of personal belongings as possible.
• The official one-year mourning period has been extended until 29th October.
• The Royal Cremation ceremony from Bangkok will be extensively covered on all Thai TV and Radio stations on the day. will provide the streaming addresses each day. The THaiger 102.75FM will have live commentary, in English, of all the ceremonies in Bangkok.

- Kritsada Mueanhawong